Port of Juan Lacaze: Physical Infrastructure



The Port of Juan Lacaze, also called “Puerto Sauce”, is located 35 kilometers away from Colonia, in the coast of the River Plate. It has road access to National Route 54, which is connected to Route 1.


It shares a similar economic hinterland with the Port of Colonia.


This Port currently handles businesses related to the MERCOSUR by rendering services to ferries, which transport goods stowed in cargo vehicles.


It also provides services to bulk carriers and takes part in the shipping of fuels.

On October 30th, 2004, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works signed Resolution 2002/7/4815, where the following is set forth:


The circulation of 12-wheel vehicles with triple axle for 25.5 tonnes is authorized in the following route sections:


Route 9, at the junction with Route 8 – Rocha


Route 54, at the junction with Route 1 – Juan Lacaze.



Current Infrastructure


The Port of Juan Lacaze has a dock of 98 meters of length and 3.5 meters (approximately 10 feet) of depth, and it is located near an industrial and farming area.


It has a marina, which is handled by the Nautical Club, under the authority of the National Directorate of Hydrography, and receives many sailing boats.


The superstructure of this port includes a ramp for loading and unloading vehicles.


Regarding the industrial area, it is worth mentioning the facilities of the Fábrica Nacional de Papel (FANAPEL), an important industrial production paper mill that supplies paper products both to the local market and the regional and international markets.