Port of Paysandu: Physical Infrastructure



Overseas dock:


Maximum length: 100 m


Width: 17.70 m


Structure of concrete, reinforced by transverse and vertical beams


Six cast iron mooring bollards


Depth: 6.60 m to zero (22 feet)


Five-tonne crane


Retaining wall of 250 m of length at the south end




Cabotage dock:


Maximum length: 300 m


Width: 13 m from the end of the wall to the eaves of the warehouses


Nine cast iron mooring bollards


Depth: 4m to zero (13 feet)


Rails for trains and three-tonne cranes are being installed at the dock.





Two warehouses that are 80 m long, 20 m wide and 9 m high each, in working conditions.


An open warehouse, next to the other two warehouses, with a usable area of approximately three hectares.


A weighbridge with a capacity of 60 tonnes.