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General Information

The Port of Juan Lacaze, also called Puerto Sauce, is located 35 kilometers from Colonia, by the Río de la Plata river, with road access via National Route 54 which connects to Route 1. It shares with the Port of Colonia a similar economic hinterland adjacent to an industrial and agricultural area.

This port currently serves businesses linked to Mercosur, providing service to ferries that transport goods stowed in cargo vehicles between Colonia and Buenos Aires.

The port also provides service to bulk carriers and is involved in the river traffic of fuels.

To allow the movement of cargo, from October 30, 2004, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) signed Resolution 2002/7/4815, where it decided to authorize the circulation of vehicles with a triple axis, of 12 wheels, for 25.5 tons, in the following route sections: Route 9, intersection with Route 8-Rocha, Route 54, intersection with Route 1-Juan Lacaze.

Port of Juan Lacaze

Address: República Argentina s/n- Juan Lacaze

Telephone: (+598) 4586 2080
Last updated: 04/18/2024